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Leadership Team

Mark Taylor

Director Of Tennis

Teaching and managing tennis programs for almost two decades, Mark's passion for the game has resulted in a massive growth of tennis programs throughout the Rocky Mountain region.

A true high note came in 2013, in which Mark led two State Championship teams, including a girls' U12 team he'd coached since the girls were as young as four years old.  Mark recalls:  "During the last few games of both championships I couldn't stand in one place for longer than a few seconds!"

Those are the results and relationships that bolster players' beliefs in what we are all possible of acheiving in tennis and in life.

Phillip Sparer
Head Tennis Instructor

Originally from Cincinnati, OH, I was a regionally-ranked and DIII-recruited junior player. In 2006, while attending Regis University in Denver, I began coaching tennis lessons around the metro area. I've coached high school boys' and girls' teams, and been a staff instructor at Evergreen Tennis Center and Gates Tennis Center in Cherry Creek. After the spending the past year coaching juniors and adults here at Lebsack and at Colorado Athletic Club Monaco, I am thrilled to manage the day-to-day operations for and long-term goals of the Redstone Park tennis community.

I believe tennis is a sport unique in its potential to enhance within players both physical and mental acuity. Tennis can be both competition and meditation; its rhythms, patterns and strategies, when properly implemented, combine to create a sense of balance and power both on and off the court. I look forward to working with you to achieve your tennis goals!