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Bringing the Best Together

Our Junior Development and Junior Development Elite programs are training classes for those youths participating in USTA Team Tennis, high school teams, or coming up from Green Ball classes. 

Modern stroke production, conditioning and strategy are all part of the curriculum 

High Performance U10

3-week FALL 3 session: stroke development and match basics for players who have played or are entering their first season of Under-10 Junior Team Tennis

High Performance U12 Challenger

3-week FALL 3 session: CHALLENGER (C): live ball competition focused on serve, rally, score progression for experienced U12 green ball players

High Performance U14 Challenger

3-week FALL 3 session: CHALLENGER (C): competition focused on increasing mastery of control, spin, direction and depth for playing wanting to compete high school varsity

High Performance U18 Challenger

3-week FALL 3 session: CHALLENGER (C): high performance stroke development and match play for varsity-level players